Monday, April 6, 2009

What is This Large Heat Producing Orb in the Sky?

I guess it's called the sun...

Going from the low 50's and rain to mid 70's and sun sounds great...but I guess I wasn't ready for it! I love the sun...I hate the heat! I realize that the mid 70's are not "hot"...but when the weather has been nothing but rain, hail, wind and more rain, the jump in temp can surprise a heat challenged person!

I live in Oregon. I am a native Oregonian through and through...I recycle, I buy local cheese :), I am a Blazer's fan, I wear Birkenstock's, I LOVE rain and mid 60's temp, I love the gentle sun...I DON'T love the HEAT! Maybe I would fair better in Seattle!

The sun, however, did provide some entertainment for the kids on their day off of school. Ellie and Henry went to a neighbors to do the whole sprinkler under the trampoline thing. Charlie wanted to go SO bad, but they don't have an enclosure and those who know Chuck, know that slippery surfaces and Charlie don't mix. I decided to let him put our sprinkler in the grass. The kids keep talking about how HOT it is! If they only lived in New Mexico with their cousins... You know what though? It's supposed to be back in the mid 50's by Wednesday...I love Oregon!

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Auntie Tracey said...

Those pictures of Charlie are stinkin adorable! And seriously, you are nuts. The mid 70's was GLORIOUS! It was so awesome for Conrad's birthday because he wanted to bbq and I was afraid that my Dad would be doing it standing out in the rain. It ended up being so perfect! Please sunshine COME BACK!!!

teresapetrin said...

Yeah, my kids insisted that I drag out the sprinkler, they tried to get me to get out their plastic pool too, had to draw the line at that!