Sunday, May 3, 2009

Charlie's Owie!

Poor Charlie Buckets! Charlie was playing with his brother and cousin yesterday and ended up with a hole in the top of his head (it's such a hard thing to involved a bike trailer pole). Charlie has a huge doctor phobia, so a trip to the emergency room was VERY dramatic! He screamed at the top of his lungs the whole time, but was as happy as a clam when he and Jake came walking out of the ER. They had given him a little homemade bear. You can see him sleeping with it in the middle picture. It's made out of Crayola Crayon fabric and has a face drawn on with a Sharpie! He loved it SO much! He named it Spot Crayon Fisher. I wish I could tell who ever made it that it helped this little boy feel better. When he woke up this morning, he immediately sat up and asked me where Spot was

It was really hard to get a good picture of the owie. But you can at least see how lovely his blood matted hair looks! It only required 2 stitches but it was VERY deep.

Charlie sleeping with Spot Crayon Fisher

I took this picture of Charlie today. I told him to show me how sad he was yesterday...I like this kind of sad!
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Miriam said...

Poor Charlie! He needs to share wound stories with his cousins. Bryce got hit in the head with a rock thrown by Sariah (she missed the river), looking at the scar I think he should have had stitches. James had those lovely Frankenstein staples after getting hit in the head by Grandma's swing.

Kenner said...

Head wounds are always fun and scary. Jaron ran into the chalk board at church and got a gash in his head (when he was two), the only thing to get him from crying while in the ER was to talk about rocks. But he still has a scar from it. I wonder if charlie will always have a scar from this too. I hope you feel better Charlie. Cute bear.

teresapetrin said...

I'm so glad Charlie is better! Nolan received a bear from the E.R. when he poured hot water on his tummy, when the pain killers kicked in he just would hold onto the bear!

Amber said...

OUCH! Rachelle, should come to my house after our church meedings. I need to see you my favorite aunt! You are so awesome! what has been going on in your life? You need to blog woman. See you soon.