Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day Fun

Today was a great day. We had the privilege of having Craig and Jenell's kids come spend part of the day with us. Even little Avarie. She didn't make it too long and then she was ready to go home. But she had a lot of fun and was so happy for the first hour or so.

Jakes' parent came over about 11:30am and we had some of KFC's new grilled chicken...and of coarse their mac-n-cheese. Then, as Grandma's and Grandpa's do, they took all of the kids to the park (I am including Jake as a kid). :-} Jenell picked the kids up from the park and she was heading to a birthday party for her niece up in Battleground.

Next, Jake's parents took the Fisher kids to see the new Night at the Museum movie. I was a bit jealous, because I've been wanting to go see it. But instead, we went shopping for new flip flops and got some syrups for our Italian Soda's we were wanting to make. IT is always nice to have alone time!

The conclusion of our night was a BBQ at our house with some of our dearest friends...the Mouritsens and the Adams. We grilled hot dogs, hamburgers and one lonely Gardenburger. There was an abundance of pop and VERY yummy Italian sodas for the making. Everyone brought a side dish to share. Liz brought twice back potatoes, Tassie brought the infamous artichoke spinach dip and I made a MASSIVE pasta salad...whew...it was large! Jake played a jump rope game with the kids. They were trying to see if they could get everyone in there and actually all jump over it at the same time.They did pretty awesome!

I was kinda sad for the night to end. It was a GREAT day! I hope everyone else enjoyed their day!
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the jumproping pictures are awesome! I'm pretty impressed that they were able to spin it while jumping it!

Angie said...

That looks like such a fun filled day of fun. love ya.