Saturday, June 20, 2009

Happy Birthday Charlie Marvin!

I can't believe my baby turned 6! Was it seriously 6 years ago that I held my sweet newborn baby Charlie in my arms? My baby who didn't cry for the first 2 days of his life? He has sure made up for the 2 days though...

All Charlie wanted for his birthday was a BIG squirt gun. When we asked him if there was anything else, he told me "No...other people will get me things."

So here he is getting his BIG squirt gun. It ended up being 2 medium sized ones. Unfortunately my big 6 year old doesn't have the muscle strength it takes to get the trigger down all of the way :-( He just uses the little cheapy ones he got from Henry and is more than happy with those!

For Charlies b-day, we had a very casual get together with friends and family. We had it at what Charlie calls the Pirate Ship park. There is a play structure there that is shaped like a pirate ship. Charlie has had plans for a party for MONTHS! Once everyone got there he sat the guests down and went over the hitting, no kicking, no punching...then he went over his, duck goose, limbo, freeze tag and the egg game. Now, this egg game thing has been something we have been discussing for at least 6 months. I guess it's something they did in school, except with plastic eggs. It's just your basic egg on spoon relay race. However, Charlie's version is that you don't run, and it's not a race. So basically the kids just walked back and forth with their eggs on their spoons, trying not to drop them. It was a fun little evening.

p.s. Charlie decorated his own b-day cake...that was part of his "plans"

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