Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Schools Out!!!

Schools the heck did that happen...honestly!? Each of the kids had something special to help them celebrate their move onto the next grade.

Henry...onto 2nd grade
Henry's class was supposed to walk up to the park and then come back for Root Beer floats. Well, of coarse it had to rain. We ended up staying inside and playing. The kids still got to enjoy their Root Beer floats. I had 2 spilled on me. Well, not directly on me, but splashed on me. This is a pic of Henry and his teacher, Mrs. Hess. I LOVE HER!!!! She is amazing! She is one of those people born to teach. I am keeping my fingers crossed that Charlie gets into her class next year!

Ellie...onto 5th grade (what?)
The 4th graders got to go to Bullwinkles for their end of the year celebration. In the past, 5th grade has been at Kraxberger Middle School, so a big 4th grade celebration has always been a tradition. However, next year, they will be keeping the 5th graders at the grade school. Ellie is a bit sad, but I am happy to keep her there as long as possible. She's just my baby girl still!

Charlie...onto 1st grade
The Kindergartners do this program called the Flight Into First Grade. It's a cute little program with some special stuff going on! They perform a few songs they have learned in class...all in sign language. One of them is What a Wonderful World...I love that song and it makes me cry every time I hear it. Especially when this cute little pixie is smiling at you the whole time he is doing his attempted sign language. The last song they do is I believe I can fly (sweet). This one is not signed, but they put these wings on that they painted and then during the chorus they fly towards their parents. Hello tears! My baby is growing up :(

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Heidi said...

Wow! They are so cute! What's up with keeping 5th graders at the elementary school? That's nice for you though. Have a great summer with your kids. They grow up way to fast. I have a Junior is Highschool now!!!

Auntie Tracey said...

I just noticed that Ellie was wearing her necklace and bracelet - good times! I exchanged the necklace on Sunday and I'll try to remember to bring it Thurs.